Hose Ramp/Fire Hose ramp/Cable Ramp

Hose Ramp/Fire Hose ramp/Cable Ramp

Details of Hose Ramp-Cable Ramp-Fire Hose Ramp as follows:

Name: Hose Ramp
Model No: AXU-HR-3

Material: Compound rubber & Yellow Plastic Strip with screw

"I" shape connector: separate from hose ramp body
Size:   855x300x85mm
Channel: 75mm diameter cable / hose

Weight Capacity: 20Tons (max)



Hose Ramp is used for protecting hose and electric conduit runs with this effective, durable, long lasting product.
Use to provide temporary or permanent hose and conduit runs from traffic. Also used to provide temporary ramp into driveways during construction along curbs.
Lightweight and flexible, it conforms to contours of road surface. Economical and built to last.