Traffic Cone/PVC Cone/Road Cone

Traffic Cone/PVC Cone/Road Cone

Product Details of Taffic Cone, Rubber  Cone 

Name:Traffic cone,rubber traffic cone,reflective traffic cone,road cone,rubber road cone,

Material:  Synthetic rubber non pollution painting and  Reflective sleeve


Model No.


Base Width





Characteristics of Rubber  Traffic Cone /reflective traffic cone

1). has good flexibility, resistance to automobile rolling, not damage the abvance crash;

2). have prevent insolation, afraid of wind and rain, and heat resistance, cold resistance, not cracked,discoloration etc;

3). BaiGong alternate with color striking, evening can reflect dazzling ray make drivers at a glance


Used in city intersection lanes, expressway curing, hotel, community, sports venues and dangerous areas and road construction area, etc.