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Traffic Safety Products

Traffic facilities refers to general arrangement track, tunnels, viaducts, stations, ventilation Pavilion, electromechanical equipment, power supply system, communication signal, road marking and other facilities, transport facilities for city traffic system to protect the safety of normal operation

Traffic safety facilities for ensuring the driving safety, reduce the accident potential degree, plays an important role. Safety facilities system good should have the traffic management, safety protection, traffic guidance, isolation, to prevent glare and so on many kinds of functions closed. In order to prevent traffic accidents, ensure traffic accommodation, give full play to the function of road traffic safety measures, must be set up, according to the need of traffic flow and topography, terrain, roads when necessary, set the pedestrian cross the Luqiao (including the underground pedestrian crossing), fencing, lighting facilities, line of sight guidance sign, emergency facilities and other similar facilities etc..

China rail transportation facilities in the building of the early round rely mainly on imports, the price is expensive, local financial resources to bear, to a certain extent, limit the expansion of city rail transit scale in china. Since the implementation of city rail traffic equipment domestic policy achievement, localization Chinese urban rail vehicle is striking, domestic urban rail vehicles are constantly emerging, significantly enhance the capability of independent innovation. Throughout the country have set off the current rail transit construction climax of city rail traffic equipment, domestic market demand has increased substantially, the substantial development of broad market space will be a strong pull Chinese rail transportation equipment manufacturing industry.

Transport facilities is divided into: parking facilities, highway traffic facilities, municipal road traffic facilities,Track (including railway transportation facilities etc.).The parking facilities include: parking lock, wheel lock, road pile, road cones, stopper, fence, iron pier, mirror, spherical mirror, sun studio elastic column, deceleration zone, isolation pier, contour standard spike, Daozha, method, railings, bicycle frame, anti-collision barrel, post box, reflection corner, warning tape, reflective film, the slope plate, the antiglare plate, reflective vests, solar lamp, lamp box, electric door, all kinds of signs, all kinds of cold and hot melt marking paint, parking line, reflective material, road cones, rubber road cones, retaining wall, anti barrels, isolation pier, the water horse, reflective logo card, rubber cap, delineators, elastic column, warning triangle, wide-angle lens, the warning line, guard rail belt, crystal lattice, transportation service, freeway affiliated facility, solar burst flashing lights, solar yellow flashing lights, plum blossom lamp,



Rubber wire passing groove is the best choice for Construction Engineering Department, exhibition companies, power companies through the indispensable line exhibition, small road traversing, stage, studio, outdoor performance venues, cultural groups and other power supply matching safety protection equipment, bring the wiring time safety confirmation for you, slot to protect the line exhibition effect.









Texture of material

Product material: synthetic rubber, PVC, EVA (anti voltage, more safety, pressure)

Rugged, durable pressure, can withstand 20 tons of wheel rolling; long service life, less wear to vehicles, low noise, good shock absorption; clear color color striking black and yellow, visibility, has high both during the day or night. According to the user's actual needs, fast and flexible combination, easy to install.

Characteristics edit 1 good pressure resistance, safe and convenient, and appearance.

2 rubber wire slot insulation performance is very strong, voltage above 2000V, to avoid the risk of accidents caused by the leakage of electric shock.

Cable Protector


3 rubber passing plate main role for the protection of wire, cable. To avoid car and other heavy pressure loss. Insulation, anti oil, anti corrosion.


4, easy to use, simple to install. Particularly suitable for use in an emergency.


Installation method of editing 1 will be special line slot along the wire path auxiliary equipment.


2 open the upper cover the cable into the slot.


3 good close cover, car free passage.


The scope of application


Uses: used in the construction of electric power company engineering department, exhibition exhibition company through line, to protect the line exhibition effect.


Public area: Road, square, park, rallies, games, museum, exhibition hall, airport runway, temporary security, media, outdoor live;


Business areas: shopping malls, stage, exhibition hall, business conference;


Industrial area: the factory, workshop, assembly line, equipment control platform, the construction site.


Use and maintenance


Rubber wire passing groove head protruding part card with tail groove part of another piece of wire slot plate are mutually stuck, can prevent the wire slot plate following the vehicle forwards or backwards, better protection of cable. In addition, the wire slot plate is rubber, a certain degree of flexibility, but in order to extend the service life of the high distance, had better not throw. After use, such as the need to clean, wet cloth is finished, all unified on flat ground and positive stacked, prevent the bottom deformation, influence and cover fit.