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2014 ,Traffic Engineering Technology & Facilities Exhibition


[Exhibits range ]

Traffic safety: the traffic signal control system; traffic signs, guardrails, lighting facilities; the security barrier; reflective materials, marking material

Materials; marking machine; emergency rescue service system; repair vehicles and special vehicles; vehicle anti-theft device and other traffic safety products.

Parking equipment and auxiliary equipment: all kinds of mechanical parking equipment; parking control system; entrance management and monitoring system

The system; vehicle identification system; automatic fence, parking and guidance system; various kinds of indicator lamp etc..

Traffic management and intelligent traffic: traffic monitoring and communication system; intelligent traffic management system; intelligent vehicle management system;

Traffic information service system; vehicle navigation, electronic map, GPS receiving system; vehicle mounted communication equipment; freeway

The letter, toll collection and monitoring system, electronic weighing; vehicle inspection, testing equipment; alcohol detector; velocimetry; alarm system.

The transportation infrastructure: various post; Luqiao, light rail, subway, tunnel construction and maintenance machinery, materials and equipment; testing technology;

Survey and test instruments; planning and design support system